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Meet the Founder

Hi my name is Olga

Nice to meet you. I created this site for YOU, for ME and BECAUSE  …

In spring-summer 2005 I found myself sick and tired, homeless, bankrupt, single, frustrated and miserable and no – no energy at all. When I say “sick” I really mean SICK – physically, emotionally, mentally. I’d had enough.

Prior to that I run a “SUCCESSFUL” delicatessen business which was bringing me great financial rewards and recognition but… Success was only an illusion. I was really struggling to enjoy motherhood (by then I already had three little souls to look after); my relationships were crumbling and hurting; I was totally exhausted; my staff were cheating on me; “friends” were disappearing. When I was ready – it took me only 6 months to DRAMATICALLY turn my life around. To find out how read more “here

Our Services

Coaching is NEVER an expense. It's one of the smartest INVESTMENTS any small business owner will ever make when it comes to building a successful business and life.
My Missionis to help as many people as possible to become more fulfilled and happier, whilst experiencing life from the point of our innate Magnificence. My goal is to share a sustainable sense of Feeling Good about our lives and our business, our impact on the lives of others; and on the environment around us both now and afterwards for the generations to come.

Success comes when you change wishing into being and doing!


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What our clients say

Laxmi Graber

Founder / Trepolo - irresistible on-trend fashion jewellery

“I left every session with Olga with renewed purpose, sharpened focus and fresh confidence. Though I sought Olga’s help as a business accelerator, I quickly found that the clarity and awareness I developed spilled over into many other areas of my life. She provides a blend of constructive business knowledge, sharp insight and gentle empathy that accelerated my business take-off in record speed.

Her technique to identify and target your ideal clients – helped me to position my entire business on the right track from the very start. Last but not least, Olga’s coaching techniques only comes second to her generous compassion and warmth, which was a huge source of inspiration through out our journey together.”


Isabel Alvarez

Founder of Anglo Education / Anglo Education, East Sussex UK

“Thank you Olga for your coaching.

Living away from the support of family and friends, means I don’t have people to give me an honest opinion on the way I am living my life or in my work.

I now learnt how to change some mind sets that were stopping me from achieving my goals.

We have Personal Trainers at the Gym and teachers at school, I now believe a Life Coach is far more important.

— feeling happy.”


Anna Sokolovska

Beauty therapy, East Sussex, UK / Fit for a Princess

“I discovered Coaching less than one year ago. At the time, I was a single mother of two young children running my own small business and it looked as though that was the best I could hope for and I should be satisfied with the life I had.

But Olga managed to change my perspective of what I could realistically achieve and expect for myself; and although I had no idea what Coaching is or how it works, during the process I came to realise that I held the power to change in my own hands – no-one was going to give me suggestions or tell me what to do, but with Olga’s guidance, I could figure out the answers for myself.

Suddenly, I realised that I had started to see new ways of improving my business and raising my income; and opportunities for enjoying my life more too.

The results of Coaching on my life have amazed me: my income has not doubled but increased four-fold! For me, Coaching is a way to build my life exactly as I want it. Coaching sessions have become for me the trigger for change. I have started a programme of self education; I have raised my income; I have begun to do so much more — and it won’t stop there.

I feel now that there are no limits: nothing is impossible. I would recommend absolutely Coaching to anyone who wants to change or improve their life.

Olga — thank you very much for your help and support!!”

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Meet the team

We are working with leaders in their field of expertise. Whatever obstacle is on your way to true success they will help you overcome it.

Olga Pavlova

Olga Pavlova is the founder of The Puzzle Tree Camp. She is also co-founder of STARS (Swiss Team for Autism Recourses and Solutions) Association. Both are designed for families and individuals affected by Autism and similar neurological / learning / developmental challenges in Switzerland and Europe. Olga brings together her 14 years of personal and professional experience and expertise in the field of Autism, ADHD, other disabilities and special educational needs. She is a dedicated mother of four unique individuals. Their age range is between 12 and 18, with one child on the Autistic Spectrum (previously nonverbalfor over four years, with additional challenges of a global developmental delay, dyspraxia and disturbed sleeping patterns) and another child who has ADHD. Her remit is to bring positive solutions to families with children on the spectrum, including their siblings and parents.

Dr Irina Schurov

Dr Irina Schurov is a Nutritional Neuroscientist with PhD from Cambridge University (UK) and over 20 years’ experience in science and health providing services. She created and founded LiveRight, an initiative to help individuals with her nutrition and wellbeing strategies. Through personalised coaching in nutrition, she helps families achieve the optimal balance between diet, health and life by building an educational platform around healthy eating habits and restoring the relationships between people and food. Irina focuses especially on children with ASD and related neurological conditions by addressing the connection between gut and brain; and by detoxifying, nourishing and resetting a whole body biochemical balance. She provides personalised nutritional support to families and an individual DNA nourishing programme for each child in order to maximise their potential in life.

Other Contracted Specialists

Specialised educators with minimum of three years experience with children on a spectrum; occupational therapists; dance and art teachers with additional therapeutic diplomas and other trained professionals.

Who we are

  • Certified Business Success Coach (American University of NPL)
  • Certified Master Business Success Coach (American University of NPL)
  • Certified Business Success Coach (American University of NPL)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (American University of NPL)
  • Certified Master Life Coach (American University of NLP)
  • Certified Life Coach (American University of NLP)
  • Certified Z Factor Master Coach
  • Certified Z Factor Lead Trainer Certified Author Coach
  • EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • NVC Practitioner (Non-Violent Communication)
  • Youth Impact Coach (The Coaching Academy)
  • Reiki Practitioner (Energy Healing Technique)
  • Yoga Teacher (Expert Rating)
  • Professional Healing Coach
  • Fire Walker Trainer
  • Member – ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Member – Z Factor
  • Member – AIFCP



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