Success… is it just around the corner?

When you start a business, you expect it to be hard work, and you’ve done a lot of it.

A new course. A new book. A new strategy.
It’s just around the corner…

When I do that… When I get there…

When I work a bit harder, when I’m more efficient, more focused…

One more month, season, year, 10 years…

Success is just around the corner…

But what happens when you’re a few years in, and the freedom you hoped for when you started out still feels as far away as ever?

Maybe your business is doing well, and you’re satisfied with your income. You’re a success! But what people don’t realise is, maintaining growth and keeping every detail flowing smoothly takes up all your time and energy. You’re starting to wonder whether getting the results you want is worth sacrificing your health and happiness for.

Or perhaps you’re at the other extreme: the results you’d hoped for financially feel like a long way off. You’re feeling undernourished and let down, because however much energy you pour into your business there never seems to be enough clients or income to make that time and effort worth it.

The myth of working harder

As an entrepreneurial woman, working hard and solving problems is second nature. You might have tried reviewing your strategy; setting BIG goals. Perhaps you’ve explored new ways of working – taken classes, courses or webinars on the latest business strategies or marketing funnels.

Maybe your focus has been on productivity; you’re scheduling and prioritising your diary around your goals and exercising your discipline, stamina and determination. What these approaches have in common is they’re all about growing, stretching, striving. So often, they lead to those situations when it’s clear that something has to change.

Working when you’re sick, when you’re tired, when you just don’t feel like it. Checking emails in bed, on holiday, on the weekend.
This is what it takes.

Having arguments with your loved ones (the worst kind of arguments), but pulling it together for that all-important webinar / client call / networking event.
What choice do I have?

Parking your kids in front of a screen, or booking last minute childcare.
I just have to make this deadline!

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve done it all. And yet with all the sacrifices, the striving, the personal growth, your business still doesn’t feel like it’s nourishing you.


The missing piece

As a coach, I’ve gained an inside look at so many businesses run by intelligent, high achieving women who just can’t understand what’s not working for them.

And over the years, I’ve come to realise something. Whether you’re making a comfortable profit (at the expense of the rest of your life), or scrabbling for clients, the disconnect you’re feeling is often down to the same root cause.

When we don’t put self-love at the centre of our business, we’re not operating from a place of maximum fulfilment and care for ourselves. It’s like building a house with weak foundations: the outcome might be a crack in the wall or a roof that leaks, but fixing those issues doesn’t address the heart of the problem.

Self-love is what allows us to make sure that the growth and abundance we experience is built around a solid core of wellbeing and nurture. In the past, my own business looked incredibly successful on the outside. But inside, the experience was empty – painful, even – because I was missing that vital component.

And if your business is struggling to get the traction you need, then self-love is so often the turning point you’re searching for. Do you feel as though you just have to be the best and win this “business game”, or that you’re “not good enough” or that there’s never enough wealth to go around? These subtle undercurrents derail the best strategies and undo the cleverest tactics. Without self-love you can wind up wondering if you’ll ever earn enough to pay the bills, let alone live the life you dreamed of.

Start with self love

If you know the feeling that success is “just around the corner” then here’s what I invite you to do. Turn that corner, and keep going, all the way round – until you’ve turned back towards yourself.

Start with you, and make changes from the inside out. You’ll be surprised at how powerful a shift you can make.

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