Are you running on empty?


I was on a Skype call with a member of my team recently, when the person I was talking to stopped me mid-sentence.

“Hang on!” she said. “I’m about to run out of energy. I’ll just get my charger”

Whether we’re on a call with a client, checking emails or just browsing Facebook, that “Low battery” warning is the signal to stop what we’re doing and recharge. Just as we would in a car with the petrol warning light on, we know it’s time to refuel.

You wouldn’t ignore that notification and keep going until the machine completely stops.

That wouldn’t make sense. After all, you might have to stop in the middle of an important piece of work; you’d interrupt your state of flow, and it would take more time and energy to restart the computer.

It’s just common sense.

And yet, when it comes to our own bodies, so many of us do the opposite.

Instead of noticing when we need to “recharge”, we push on. It’s not until we get to a point where our bodies tell us we cannot go any further that we actually stop and take care of ourselves.

I’ve noticed it in my clients and in myself, and it’s particularly prevalent among women entrepreneurs. Perhaps it’s our traditional role as “caregivers” that means we tend to put others’ needs before our own (if you have a family as well as a business, you’ll know how often your list of priorities runs like this: family, business… and then you, in whatever scraps of spare time are left over).

Waiting until fatigue or burnout strikes, or our lowered immune systems finally succumb to a virus that forces us to take time out, is like leaving your computer to run down until it crashes.

You can’t choose when you reach zero percent. You might not have time to “save” wherever you’d got to in your business before you find yourself laid low – and you’ll certainly find it harder to get back into the flow of things.

The resources it takes to come back from 0% are huge – it might require treatment from a health practitioner, medical intervention, or at the very least a big chunk of time and self-care that you won’t have had time to prepare for.

So what’s the alternative?

Lots of us have this idea that recharging our own batteries isn’t as easy as plugging in a computer. After all, you can keep using the machine while it’s plugged into the socket – it doesn’t have to interrupt your work at all. But to take the time you need to recharge would require hours of free time and energy that you just don’t have, right?

I’d like to lay that myth to rest right now.

The truth is, keeping your energy at its optimum level is as easy to fit into your day as it is to plug in a computer.

In fact, the best way to stay well while working is to make the self-care you need to keep going part of your everyday habits. That might look like healthy food lovingly prepared; rituals to make each day feel special, maintain boundaries in your life and reduce stress; and special treats to give your mind and body the rest they need before they can’t keep going.

You can also build in time when you’re totally unplugged, maybe going totally offline at the weekend or from a certain time each evening.

The secret of feel good success

The best part? This doesn’t have to slow you down or impact your profits.

Making sure you’re happy and healthy will make the time you do spend working exponentially more productive. You’ll find decision making comes more easily, and clients are naturally drawn to working with you because spending time in the presence of someone who’s glowing with joy is addictive! Being healthy and happy will mean you can deal with challenges that come your way peacefully and happily, in your true power.

Where to start?

These 3 very simple and effective activities will bring you immediate results – you can start implementing them today. Schedule regular reminders into your phone or set an alarm to prompt you to take these vital steps to keep you fully charged.

1. Drink water

Schedule 5 reminders (minimum) throughout the day, starting first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (yes, before your morning coffee!).

2. Stand up, smile and stretch

Schedule at least 3 reminders with one as your morning entry.

3. Choose 3 priorities for today

Stay focused by getting clear on what’s most important to you at the start of the day. Start your day with number one – then, only when that’s completed, proceed with the remaining two (at least one of these could be focused on your wellbeing, such as take a walk, make a delicious lunch, or meditate…)

Want to find out more?

If you’re ready to find a way to stay Happy, Healthy and Hot while growing your business, then join me for a free webinar next Tuesday 12th June. I’m going to be sharing my best tips to bringing self-care into your day-to-day life so that you can stay focused on what’s really important: you.

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How to check if your business is summer holiday ready

When you run your own business, taking time off can feel challenging. If you have a team, you know you’ll need to get everything in place for them to take care of things while you’re away. If you do it all yourself, you might need to spend time figuring out what needs to happen when you’re not there, and finding someone to do it.

If you’re a mum you’ve probably already started thinking about the summer holidays. With childcare and family time in the mix it can feel like a daunting task! Even if you don’t have kids, you probably want to be able to enjoy the warm weather and long evenings.

So how can you make sure your business is ready for the holidays?

It’s a question lots of my clients ask, and this year I’ve teamed up with Sophie Jewry, founder of Brand Kitchen, to come up with a strategy to help you grow your business AND take time off over the holidays.

We’ve put together a free checklist to go with the webinar we hosted recently to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Click here for instant access to the checklist and recording!

Today I want to share three vital things to consider before you head off to the beach.

1. Plan your time

Do you want to halve your hours over the summer? Take off a block, or work half days all the way through? Making that decision is the first step. If you’re travelling, you likely already have the dates you’ll be away in place. Now is the time to get smart about planning the time it’ll take you to prepare for going away AND – importantly – settle back in. When will you catch up with anything urgent that needs doing while you’re away? When will you catch up with anyone who’s been helping you out?

Book those meetings now, and make sure to allocate extra space the week you’re back to deal with unexpected emergencies and catch up on anything you’ve missed. Your future self will thank you!

2. Ask for help

Entrepreneurs, and especially mums, are notoriously reluctant to ask for help. We prefer to do it ourselves and know it’s been done properly! But if you’re serious about taking time off AND growing your business, any time you’re away over the summer is a great time to hire in an extra pair of times.

This is the perfect time to road-test a VA or call answering service. Try it for two weeks and you might find it works so well you decide to continue when you’re back.

3. Prioritize

When time is limited it’s important to get really honest – how many of the tasks you do each week are driving your business forward and impacting your bottom line, and how many are things you think you ‘should’ be doing or have just always done? Start figuring out what your Most Important Tasks are and you can make sure the time you spend on your business is making real progress towards your goals.

For the full list of 18 quick checks to make before you go away, and for instant access to the webinar recording, click here.

Success… is it just around the corner?

When you start a business, you expect it to be hard work, and you’ve done a lot of it.

A new course. A new book. A new strategy.
It’s just around the corner…

When I do that… When I get there…

When I work a bit harder, when I’m more efficient, more focused…

One more month, season, year, 10 years…

Success is just around the corner…

But what happens when you’re a few years in, and the freedom you hoped for when you started out still feels as far away as ever?

Maybe your business is doing well, and you’re satisfied with your income. You’re a success! But what people don’t realise is, maintaining growth and keeping every detail flowing smoothly takes up all your time and energy. You’re starting to wonder whether getting the results you want is worth sacrificing your health and happiness for.

Or perhaps you’re at the other extreme: the results you’d hoped for financially feel like a long way off. You’re feeling undernourished and let down, because however much energy you pour into your business there never seems to be enough clients or income to make that time and effort worth it.

The myth of working harder

As an entrepreneurial woman, working hard and solving problems is second nature. You might have tried reviewing your strategy; setting BIG goals. Perhaps you’ve explored new ways of working – taken classes, courses or webinars on the latest business strategies or marketing funnels.

Maybe your focus has been on productivity; you’re scheduling and prioritising your diary around your goals and exercising your discipline, stamina and determination. What these approaches have in common is they’re all about growing, stretching, striving. So often, they lead to those situations when it’s clear that something has to change.

Working when you’re sick, when you’re tired, when you just don’t feel like it. Checking emails in bed, on holiday, on the weekend.
This is what it takes.

Having arguments with your loved ones (the worst kind of arguments), but pulling it together for that all-important webinar / client call / networking event.
What choice do I have?

Parking your kids in front of a screen, or booking last minute childcare.
I just have to make this deadline!

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve done it all. And yet with all the sacrifices, the striving, the personal growth, your business still doesn’t feel like it’s nourishing you.


The missing piece

As a coach, I’ve gained an inside look at so many businesses run by intelligent, high achieving women who just can’t understand what’s not working for them.

And over the years, I’ve come to realise something. Whether you’re making a comfortable profit (at the expense of the rest of your life), or scrabbling for clients, the disconnect you’re feeling is often down to the same root cause.

When we don’t put self-love at the centre of our business, we’re not operating from a place of maximum fulfilment and care for ourselves. It’s like building a house with weak foundations: the outcome might be a crack in the wall or a roof that leaks, but fixing those issues doesn’t address the heart of the problem.

Self-love is what allows us to make sure that the growth and abundance we experience is built around a solid core of wellbeing and nurture. In the past, my own business looked incredibly successful on the outside. But inside, the experience was empty – painful, even – because I was missing that vital component.

And if your business is struggling to get the traction you need, then self-love is so often the turning point you’re searching for. Do you feel as though you just have to be the best and win this “business game”, or that you’re “not good enough” or that there’s never enough wealth to go around? These subtle undercurrents derail the best strategies and undo the cleverest tactics. Without self-love you can wind up wondering if you’ll ever earn enough to pay the bills, let alone live the life you dreamed of.

Start with self love

If you know the feeling that success is “just around the corner” then here’s what I invite you to do. Turn that corner, and keep going, all the way round – until you’ve turned back towards yourself.

Start with you, and make changes from the inside out. You’ll be surprised at how powerful a shift you can make.

Not sure how exactly to make that shift?

My FREE Self-Love Business Metamorphosis is now in session – the first group of magnificent women are soaking up the 21 days of reflection and insight to transform their relationships to their lives, their business and themselves.

If you’ve had enough of feeling stressed, overworked and tired – of experiencing conflict with the people you love most, and worry about everything from your finances to your health, I made this for you.

This is your opportunity to start experiencing a life and business that are fully in alignment with your loved self – as you are NOW, not when you’ve reached your goal or “proved yourself”.

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from struggle to fulfilment

Hi there; my name is Olga Pavlova, living and working from home in the beautiful Swiss mountains – happy mother of four young daughters; enjoying a fulfilling, supportive relationship with my partner; travelling the world and, through Feel Good 4 Life, proud to have helped my clients all over Europe become the magnificent, successful people they rightfully are. Mind you, my life wasn’t always this fulfilled and successful: but life coaching and personal development turned it around and put me on the right path to where I wanted to be. Now I am in the happy position to help others on their journey to becoming their ‘best self’.

In 1998 I arrived in the UK from Lithuania with my first husband when I was in my early twenties and with no knowledge of English. Nevertheless, I managed to set up and run a successful chain of delicatessen shops and wholesale outlets in London and Norfolk. After struggling through two unsuccessful relationships and the demands of becoming a mother, I unexpectedly found myself single, bankrupt, homeless and in poor health with four very young children after only a few years. I was living in temporary accommodation and my youngest was only two months old when I realised my third child was autistic. By now my health was also deteriorating (later diagnosed as Hepatatis C); and my life became one of pain and exhaustion, living in a tiny council house with four demanding young children on my hands; and no prospects of even getting out of the house, let alone find rewarding work and an income.

I was desperate to find something to improve my life and that of my children – and realised that I had a desire to enhance the life of others too. I knew there was more to life; but didn’t know how to turn mine around. This was where my journey began. I read hundreds of books – a great many of them centred around self-help and natural healing; I went on courses and seminars; I dreamed… all the time trying to work out the answer to the question that had been going around inside my head since I was a child: what is the best way to achieve happiness and success? I clung to the strong belief that there must be an answer.

So what did I discover that turned my life around? Recently I found a notebook dated 2007, in which I had defined my goals. It read: good health; financial security; an improvement in my everyday standard of living and that of my children; start a business. Then an entry for one year later, 2008 stated: expand and promote my business; find a bigger, better home; a means to afford classes and excursions for my children; a family car; the money and opportunities to get out more; to help others; to improve my own spiritual growth. Following the model of life coaching, I made lists of ways this could be achieved, put up notes to encourage me and rewarded myself as things progressed. What I had discovered was that I am the ‘cause’ in my life; it isn’t just something that happens around me beyond my control.

I recently moved and am now living in Switzerland; in a beautiful home surrounded by magnificent mountains with an extraordinary man – the man of my dreams; I run a successful coaching businesses which fits sweetly around family life; my treatment was successful and my health is good; my children are happy and thriving. I continue to develop personally and professionally, continually having fresh ideas and adding to my experience and training.

I love to travel, regularly enjoying new countries and cultures; and am adding new experiences to my life’s diary: like diving, paragliding, Microlite, hot air ballooning – the list is ever expanding. Throughout, my passion is not only to fulfil my own being, but also to help others and enhance their lives while supporting my lifestyle. I now know that I can always turn things around – even if I don’t know how at the outset.