Double your sales + halve your workload this summer holidays

Surviving is not good enough!

Double your sales + halve your workload this summer holidays

Get your stress-free, guilt-free strategy to grow your business AND give you more time for your family, your friends, and yourself

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The summer holidays are approaching, and if you’re a woman business owner as well as a mum you’re probably getting that familiar feeling.

Over the next few months, how are you going to take care of everyone else, keep your business running AND still make time for your own wellbeing?

That feeling of excitement at the thought of spending more time with the family, friends and loved ones at the beach or in the garden often comes with a niggling sense of anxiety. How will you afford to take time off from your business over the next few months? Will sales grind to a halt if you’re not there to pick up the phone? How can you stop your clients feeling neglected when you’re not around so much, and do you have anyone you can trust to leave in charge of your business “baby” while your attention’s on your kids?

In this 90 minute webinar, Sophie Jewry of Brand Kitchen and I share the strategy we use to make sure we don’t just survive the holidays, but plan ahead to grow our sales AND thrive in our own wellbeing, whilst spending time with our families. We’ll give you the inside story on:

  • How to stop thinking of the summer as something you need to survive, and start strategising so that you can actually see your business grow
  • How to plan ahead so you can spend less time working – without sacrificing your results
  • The questions to ask yourself that will save you days’ worth of stress when you take time away from your business
  • The ONE thing you can do to make returning from the summer a dream – not a nightmare

Sounds like magic? It’s not – just an approach that makes sure that the time you DO spend on your business gets you maximum results.

(It’s so good you might even want to keep using this when the holidays are over!)

We’re also sharing a free printable Feel-Good Summer Holiday checklist.

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About Sophie and Olga:

Sophie Jewry is an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Brand Kitchen. Since 2003 she’s helped thousands of women in business create awesome brands, be more and achieve a better work-life balance through increased productivity. Sophie has launched and run 3 successful businesses, all while being a full time mum. (She was blessed with a daughter at just 19 so knows exactly how hard getting the work/life juggling act right can be!)

An advocate for continuous personal development, Sophie translates leading edge techniques into to help others make a healthy income from a business they love while enjoying a better quality of life.


Olga Pavlova is the founder of FeelGood4Life business coaching and mentoring services for women in business. A mother of 5, Olga previously ran a hugely successful UK chain of delicatessen shops and a wholesale business. After experiencing the disability of one of her children, becoming a single mother and ultimately burning out and breaking down, she’s now dedicated to creating business success without sacrifice. A loving wife, daughter, sister and friend, as well as a renowned trainer, coach, speaker, and writer, Olga’s mission in life is to empower women to live happy, abundant, healthy lives whilst running and growing sustainable and profitable businesses.




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