from struggle to fulfilment

Hi there; my name is Olga Pavlova, living and working from home in the beautiful Swiss mountains – happy mother of four young daughters; enjoying a fulfilling, supportive relationship with my partner; travelling the world and, through Feel Good 4 Life, proud to have helped my clients all over Europe become the magnificent, successful people they rightfully are. Mind you, my life wasn’t always this fulfilled and successful: but life coaching and personal development turned it around and put me on the right path to where I wanted to be. Now I am in the happy position to help others on their journey to becoming their ‘best self’.

In 1998 I arrived in the UK from Lithuania with my first husband when I was in my early twenties and with no knowledge of English. Nevertheless, I managed to set up and run a successful chain of delicatessen shops and wholesale outlets in London and Norfolk. After struggling through two unsuccessful relationships and the demands of becoming a mother, I unexpectedly found myself single, bankrupt, homeless and in poor health with four very young children after only a few years. I was living in temporary accommodation and my youngest was only two months old when I realised my third child was autistic. By now my health was also deteriorating (later diagnosed as Hepatatis C); and my life became one of pain and exhaustion, living in a tiny council house with four demanding young children on my hands; and no prospects of even getting out of the house, let alone find rewarding work and an income.

I was desperate to find something to improve my life and that of my children – and realised that I had a desire to enhance the life of others too. I knew there was more to life; but didn’t know how to turn mine around. This was where my journey began. I read hundreds of books – a great many of them centred around self-help and natural healing; I went on courses and seminars; I dreamed… all the time trying to work out the answer to the question that had been going around inside my head since I was a child: what is the best way to achieve happiness and success? I clung to the strong belief that there must be an answer.

So what did I discover that turned my life around? Recently I found a notebook dated 2007, in which I had defined my goals. It read: good health; financial security; an improvement in my everyday standard of living and that of my children; start a business. Then an entry for one year later, 2008 stated: expand and promote my business; find a bigger, better home; a means to afford classes and excursions for my children; a family car; the money and opportunities to get out more; to help others; to improve my own spiritual growth. Following the model of life coaching, I made lists of ways this could be achieved, put up notes to encourage me and rewarded myself as things progressed. What I had discovered was that I am the ‘cause’ in my life; it isn’t just something that happens around me beyond my control.

I recently moved and am now living in Switzerland; in a beautiful home surrounded by magnificent mountains with an extraordinary man – the man of my dreams; I run a successful coaching businesses which fits sweetly around family life; my treatment was successful and my health is good; my children are happy and thriving. I continue to develop personally and professionally, continually having fresh ideas and adding to my experience and training.

I love to travel, regularly enjoying new countries and cultures; and am adding new experiences to my life’s diary: like diving, paragliding, Microlite, hot air ballooning – the list is ever expanding. Throughout, my passion is not only to fulfil my own being, but also to help others and enhance their lives while supporting my lifestyle. I now know that I can always turn things around – even if I don’t know how at the outset.